Off Program

Tape Riot


Date Time Lead time Place Map
10월 05일(목) 14:00 45min Mukyo-ro
10월 05일(목) 18:00 45min Cheonggyecheon
10월 06일(금) 14:00 45min Mukyo-ro
10월 06일(금) 17:00 45min Deoksugung-gil


Dance + Tape Graffiti = RIOT

Tape Riot is built on the reality of urban space and the daily flow of those who inhabit it. Initially, it merely causes the onlookers' gaze to shift slightly, prompting silent curiosity. Lines are drawn splitting the space, this dynamism triggers the strange sensation of having seen the urban space quite differently.

About Team

'ASPHALT PILOTEN' founded In 2010 by Anna Anderegg is an open artistic cell designed as an inventive space where visual art, dance, sound design and other medias inspire one another.
ASPHALT PILOTEN won both the June Johnson dance prize from the Swiss cultural ministry and the Kultur - & Kreativpiloten Deutschland award in 2013. 


Choreographer_ Anna ANDEREGG | ​Performer​_ Laura KEIL, Sachiko KUNIEDA
Visual Tape Artist_ Hervé THIOT |  Sound Designer_ Marco BAROTTI

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