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Gandini Juggling (UK)

Date Time Lead time Place Map
10월 07일(토) 14:00 / 17:00 30min Seoul Plaza
10월 08일(일) 14:00 / 16:30 30min Seoul Plaza


100 apples, 9 performers, 4 crockery sets. A tea party that you will never forget

In , the manipulation of the forbidden fruit takes a sagacious look at the strained relations between seven men and two women, kindly flaying traditional juggling and contemporary circus. This funny, inventive and characterful work is akin to dance theatre and will challenge your perception of contemporary juggling.

※ SMASHED was originally commissioned as a short outdoor piece for the Watch This Space Festival at the National Theatre in 2010. Additional funding was received from the Arts Council England and La Brèche Centre for the Circus Arts to create the theatre version touring today.

※ This event is part of the UK/Korea 2017-18 official programmes.

※  The Seoul Street Arts Festival 2017 is working in collaboration with XTRAX on Platform 4:UK, a programme designed to support the international promotion and export of UK street arts. Supported by Arts Council England and delivered by XTRAX, this project aims to open up new markets internationally for the best work from UK street artists by creating showcase opportunities in collaboration with strategically significant partners in the UK and overseas.


About Team

“The kings of juggling”

'Gandini Juggling'
is a group founded by a world-class jugglers Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä-Hokkala. They are at the forefront of modern circus and reinventing the 21st century juggling with new strength. 


Director_ Sean Gandini | Assistant director_ Kati Ylä-Hokkala
Performer_ Sean Gandini, Kim Huynh, Jose Triguero, Antek Klemm, Chris Patfield, Arron Sparks, TedrosGirmaye, Iñaki Sastre, Kati Ylä-Hokkala


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