Performance Installation <Water in Seoul>, Ashi-Yu meeting

Nottle Theatre Company

Date Time Lead time Place Map
09월 30일(금) 13:00 300 Sejongro Park
10월 01일(토) 13:00 300 Sejongro Park
10월 02일(일) 13:00 300 Sejongro Park


In the middle of Seoul, healing and rejuvenating time facing the ‘water’
Strolling in a busy motion in concrete jungle, the audiences falls in thought as they soak feet as if taking a foot bath. In this audience participating performance, actors and the audience mix naturally in a public place and form a healing society through water. Installation art, sound and play are all mixed in this live performance, which is all about composure of slowness and stopover in the acceleration of the city.



About Team

'Nottle Theatre Company' has been experimenting and finding performance language. In 2001 at the France Avignon’s festival off, they received absolute support from the audience and critics with their work and ever since then they have performed in about 50 cities and towns of 20 countries. They have been very active both internally and externally working together with artists of different background and nationality regardless of genres.


Director _ Youngoh Won | Visual Installation _ Naomi Ota | Installation Co-producer _ Jiman Kang
Sound _ Tim Humphrey, Madeleine Flynn | Script _ Hyunwoo Kim
Performers _ Soyoung Lim, Euna Lee, Hyeokjae Lee, Haneul Jo
Assistant Director _ Wooseok Jang | Producer _ Kirsty Ellem, Nayoung Cha, Pyeongyi Kwon

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