Official Program


Theatre Momggol

Date Time Lead time Place Map
10월 06일(토) 20:00 35 Cheonggye Plaza
10월 07일(일) 19:30 35 Cheonggye Plaza


One ladder, two hemispheres, and two bodies!
Constantly shaking physical property and impulse of the gesture

There is nothing that doesn’t shake. Two people on a large steel hemisphere.
They balance themselves together, or alone under the same shake, become closer and/or push each other away.
With the persons’ movement, the rusty hemisphere that they stand on endlessly moves like a living organism
that has endured a long life, trying hard to cope with the forces of gravity.

The hemisphere and the people standing on the hemisphere can continue to move because they are constantly empowered and interacting with each other.
The balance and tension seen through the body and ladder / hemisphere motion attract the audience.
A life that can last only with constant shakes, familiar gestures of the consistently moving body show a day of life. 

About Team

In the beginning of their creation, ‘Theatre Momggol’ received attention from the theatrical world with their works that utilize bodies and objects.
Currently, they are active across the theater and even outside the theater.
They are constantly experimenting with the artistic language that is unique yet fresh, and the group tries to bring out what society has forgotten or neglected.


Director_ Jongyeoun-Yoon
Performer_ Jeahyun-Noh, Jaewook-Shin
Dramaturgy_ Hyesin-Hwang
Producer_ Ggol Culture (Hyewon-Shin, Hyunjin-Yim)
Music_ Kyungsoo-Kim

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